Over time, observation and experience turn into memory with modifications/filtration/exaggeration. I think these inaccuracies personalizes observation and experience, for the ease of memorization, because our brain is not a computer, we forget all the time.
With bigger camera sensors, smaller camera lenses, larger hard disk, we are getting better in recording experiences, but it will never be the same as that exact moment. This is why I created such a non-organic container, similar to a computer, for my precious memory in Morocco.
Connection between my “memory deck” to my Morocco trip is presented in three layers. The painted color reflects the overall color tune of traditional Morocco buildings. The raw craftsmanship and imperfection of construction implies the natural environment in Sahara. The use of clay as the building material mimics the texture of Morocco artwork. Unlike a cardboard box, this “memory deck” is a lot heavier, solid, unique, representing my emphasized value on this special trip.